Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Six Alchemy

In reference to Alchemy Tai Chi Qigong I wrote the following....

"The evolution of the practice has led me to the following observations: When we learn how to find ourselves within an unconscious dynamic, we have found Awareness.  When we learn a new form of expression, we have activated Will.  When we learn how to stop time and witness the moment, we have discovered Heart.  When we learn to turn our attention from the fear of circumstances to faith in a larger vision, we have found the spirit.  When we learn how to reflect the wisdom of nature within our consistent actions, we have achieved Embodiment.  When we are able to live as an integrated human body-mind-soul, we have attained Unity. Through the practice of Alchemy Movement we are able to spend time in each of the above frequencies and thus entrain our lives to our purpose more wholly.  Through alignment with our own life force vessel, we can step into a truer expression of our predilection and power to heal our world."

Heart of Awakening 2013


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A look at life from the TCM perspective

Within the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine our mind and body are inseparable. So, while we may view the physical, emotional, and spiritual realities of our life as separate affairs, they are in fact quite literally mere reflections of one another.

An example of this interdependence can be observed through the meridian system of the spleen/pancreas and stomach. Physically speaking, these organs are responsible for breakdown, digestion, and assimilation of nutrients from food.

On a mental and emotional level, they represent the same process, but instead of food we are assimilating our thoughts, feelings and experiences. In both cases, the job of this system is to separate what is useful from what is not. In both cases, we integrate what we need into our body-mind, and eliminate the residue.

When we are unable to digest food completely we end up with indigestion, and fatigue. When we cannot integrate our thoughts and feelings we end up with indigestion of a different sort: irritability, frustration, and reactivity. These lingering energies also make us feel heavy and tired, burdened as we are by life.

In order to maintain harmony on all levels it is therefore important to allow time for this integration to happen both on the physical level, as well as the mental and emotional one. Many of us would not swim right after a meal, yet think nothing of going from one situation to the next without taking time to breathe, feel, and collect our thoughts. This is one important aspect of personal hygiene we are rarely taught in school.

Take time for yourself. Make space each day to feel and breathe into the life and world inside you. If you suffer from digestive issues especially, make this time for yourself a priority. There is nothing for you to lose, and you may just be surprised at how much lighter you feel.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An Exploration of Balance

Making art from found objects in nature.

Mobile-making has become somewhat of an obsession of mine over the past year. Yes, I like beauty, and nature, and peace… all of which factor into the mobile-making process. However, there is something more, something behind the scenes, which is even more compelling to me about this whole adventure.

For me, each mobile begins with time spent outdoors, walking the beach, through forested trails, or just around the neighborhood. I use this time to be aware of my surroundings, to listen to the questions or concerns stirring inside me, and to be open to new answers.

Inevitably, some object will catch my attention: a feather, a stick, stone, or seed…. And even other things, less predictable. I let my feelings guide me. I let curiosity be my impetus, and I collect what I find.

Upon returning to my space, I spend time sitting with the objects I have collected, as well as objects already in my collection. I make space for intuition to guide my attention. I feel and observe the qualities of the objects before me and begin to explore the relationships I see between them.

Eventually, I see and feel how two or more objects “fit” together. Each brings context to the other, and through their relationship some aspect of truth is revealed to me. This new object becomes a component of the overall conversation I have with my evolving creation.

Contrary to the norm, I do not have a destination in mind at the outset of this creative process. However, by paying attention to the details, the nuances, and the impressions I get from each moment, the process itself informs me of the destination by the end. Then, upon reflection, I understand the wisdom of my higher self, God, Spirit, and all things beyond the mind.

Creativity, for me, is a conversation with the ineffable. It is the opportunity to spend time within a question and receive answers which go beyond the scope of my own conscious awareness.

In accordance with the statement: ‘As above, so below’ the process of creation is not limited in scope to the creation itself, but reflects a larger truth I bring into my life, and practice. A broken stick, bolstered by a strong one, speaks of love, support, and helping. Sometimes we are the strong one, sometimes we feel broken. When the two are joined we merge the energies of faith with compassion. We can find new hope from hopelessness, or discover the enduring peace which comes through service to a higher cause.

All in all, this process is endless. There are always new objects, new relationships, and new lessons to be learned. And so, in deference to this mystery, I continue to walk…  


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Becoming the solution

It occurs to me, rather than feeling rage and indignation at the leaders of corporations fueling the destruction of our world, perhaps we would be more effective by identifying with the human qualities we share. Such as the love we have for our children....

By strengthening that connection, perhaps there is some hope of humanity overcoming destructive tendencies toward greed and domination, and allowing the world to remain habitable beyond this generation.

I will practice love, in hopes that it will overcome the madness. What if we all did?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Upcoming Qigong Event

Overview for 2015 Alchemy QiGong Weekend Intensive:

Introduction: The Power of Fascia

Walking Practice
Talk: Mind-Body Language
Activation Practice
Ground Practice
Talk: Techniques for Transformation
Alchemy Practice

Walking Practice
Talk: Mind-Body Communication
Activation Practice
Ground Practice
Talk/Practice: Rehab Techniques
Alchemy Practice

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