Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What is Quantum Potentials?

Quantum Potentials is a healing tool of frequency based medicine. Our mind and emotions affect our physical body in very tangible ways. When we can tap into the actual frequency of our thoughts and feelings we are able to bring more awareness to our attitudes and behaviors in order to positively influence our lives.

QP is an opportunity to see inside yourself, through the imagery of art and the written word. By documenting the psychological and emotional revelations of his creative process, Artist-Healer Sean Leonard has taken self-discovery to a new level. With over 100 documented images, this system draws from a vast array of human archetypes of growth, learning, and experience.

Quantum Potentials is a tool designed to help each of us access the questions most relevant to our own healing journey. By exploring the four elements of acknowledgement, tension, presence, and growth we can identify how we are either resisting, or facilitating the healing theme making its way through our lives at any moment.

The art within the Quantum Potentials system is designed to convey the frequency of specific potentials within our lives such as Purpose, Healing, and Growth through imagery which bypasses the filters of conscious thought.

By sitting with an image, reflecting upon the elements of its meaning, and how that relates to us personally, we can arrive at a deeper connection to our own source of inspiration, insight, and healing.

Participants in this process are invited to select an image which speaks to them, and then explore its deeper resonance on several levels. Through key word associations, participants may look into specific dynamics within their lives and explore the interactive elements of acknowledgement, tension, presence, and growth. The system allows people to evaluate their own role within the challenges and opportunities surrounding them.

Quantum Potentials works at the subconscious levels of impulse, desire, and reaction. It allows people to slow down time and arrive at a single moment to literally see themselves within the dynamics of their own life. The book goes further into this process by posing questions for each new level of discovery, and inviting participants to find their own answers.

Moreover, Sean has seamlessly blended the Quantum Potentials system with the mind-body practices of Alchemy Qigong. This allows participants an opportunity go deeper into the self-discovery process by literally embodying the lessons they face through posture, breath, and personal energy work.
Below is an example of how to interpret the four elements within a Quantum Potentials image. 

         1.  Element of Acknowledgement: Conflict
         2.  Element of Tension: Denial
         3.  Element of Presence: Escape
         4. Element of Growth: Resolve

1. Conflict is the theme of this image and process. The image ‘conflict’ derives its name from the element of acknowledgement within the QP system. Acknowledgement simply refers to becoming aware of this fact, thus: acknowledging conflict. Perhaps the source of this conflict is apparent, or perhaps it is more subtly influential.

2. The element of tension helps to clarify the goals within this process as it simultaneously makes us aware of how we resist its lessons. For this image, the element of tension is ‘denial’. Denial refers to the unconscious seeds of conflict within. Consider your relationship to this concept: what are the thoughts and feelings which engender a sense of conflict within you? What are the situations in your life which bring you into direct confrontation with this conflict, and then how do you neglect to allow this realization into your conscious awareness? What fear or belief leads you to believe you are wrong, or somehow powerless to affect change within this dynamic? Accepting the reality, and source of conflict within you is an essential step in learning to master its lesson.

3. The next step is to engage the element of presence, which in this case, is ‘escape’. The term escape refers to finding an outlet for the emotional backlog of energies built up around the conflict in question. Perhaps it is useful to take time for reflection, exercise, or connection with another to avoid becoming stuck within the energies of conflict which arise for you. By learning how to ‘tap in’ and ‘step out’ of conflict we can begin to build a bridge between the limiting perspectives of our conflicted self, with the more expansive awareness we find within a place of connection or support. Therefore, becoming present to ‘conflict’ involves finding a way to address it with our whole self, instead of from a place of desperation or panic.

4. The fourth aspect of this journey is defined by the element of growth, in this case, ‘resolve’. Resolve is the clear-minded perspective of both our intellect and integrity when given the time and space to make sound judgments. When we are no longer confronting our challenges from a place of panic, reactivity, and desperation we can make clear decisions about what must be done. Resolve is the decisiveness of clear action and commitment to a course which reflects our integrity and desired outcome. To sit within resolve is to gain confidence and establish a clear course toward resolution of our conflicts.

In this way, by moving through the energies of the four elements, we can begin to digest our lessons in small doses, taking time to integrate and resolve our fears and resistance every step of the way. This is the essential purpose behind the Quantum Potentials system.

By bringing this quest into an Alchemy Qigong process we can go even further with this work. Alchemy Qigong works seamlessly with Quantum Potentials to bring attunement to the mind, body, and emotions for each of the processes we face.      

DIscovering Presence Healing Art Exhibit

 Sean Leonard – Artist Biography

“Every stroke counts, every act has meaning.” These words guide the artistic process of Sarasota resident Sean Leonard. No matter what is being created, the process remains the same: Check in and become silent, feel for the unspoken desires within, follow the impulse into expression. Within that process, of course, there are decisions to be made and techniques to be mastered but the unfolding of each creative act is one of faith, and discovery.

Through oil, watercolor, wood, shell and stone Sean creates images of a world beyond words or definition but completely tangible to the intuitive self. He paints a vision of Unity and coexistence not only through imagery, but also with words and through movement. He is a fluid expression of a single ideal; and that ideal is healing.
Through food, dance, medicine, and art Sean practices his craft, and attributes a large portion of his influences to time spent living in Japan in both high-school and college. It was here where he began to develop his painterly brush technique. “I spent thousands of hours writing Japanese Kanji, with specific attention on direction and sequence. After a while your body just knows how to express each motion.”
Later on, his intensive study and internships with Chinese Gong Fu further solidified the concepts originally acquired through Japanese calligraphy. “It is really one art when you think about it. The brush work is the microcosm of the martial arts. There is meaning in the movements, and that relates to the body in very intricate ways. I try to convey those relationships through my art.”

Sean’s further training took him into Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. “This helped me to solidify the connection between the body and the external lines of force, trained within the external arts.” Within Chinese medicine theory, Sean developed a language of motion specific to the body which he teaches as a form of movement Alchemy. “When you understand the flow of your own energy, you begin to understand the flow of energy in general. This helps each of us function more effectively within the world. Art, painting specifically, is the one place I am able to both externalize and witness my own self. This has helped me to become present to who I really Am.”

Sean is the creator of Quantum Potentials, an intuitive card deck and manual – self-discovery tool. “I used my own experiences, captured within my art, to reframe some essential elements of being human, not as arbitrary occurrences, but as necessary steps to growth. I think we get scared when we don’t understand the larger context of our circumstances, and I wanted to use my journey to help others find strength amidst those challenges.”
Most recently Sean completed work on the book Heart of Awakening; a treatise on self-mastery and global healing. “One way or another, I want people to experience being part of something larger. I want people to realize how magical we are, and how much we can do if we simply stand together. “

Watercolor Compilations

Sean began painting with watercolors while living in Japan in 1997. Over the course of several years he began developing his unique style with the medium. “I wanted to capture the movement of light and energy. I was starting to experience more of this in my meditations, and I wanted to be able to spend time exploring it. Watercolor was a good medium for that because it is so transparent, and the colors are also vibrant against the white paper.”

He had completed several hundred depictions of energy leading up to the turn of the millennium when his focus began to shift. “My paintings had come to represent a place I would go, like a world beyond the veil. I wanted to see if I could expand this world by linking my images together. It became a bit of an obsession, and I started chopping up my paintings to get the pieces to flow together. In retrospect, I could have simply painted new connections, but such is the process…”
Around 2004, Sean completed a series of very intricate watercolors which he had photographed and reproduced as Giclee prints. “That opened the door for an entirely new experience of linking the images together. I could use one image in several ways at the same time, and capitalize on the various perspectives I had captured. Really, the possibilities became endless.”

The end result of that process is a series of compilation paintings which take the viewer into a world of movement and energy. “I love to explore the interconnections between all things. Using different images in synthesis is an exhilarating process for me. I learn about life through my art, and bringing things together in harmonious ways is something I am extremely passionate about. I think it is important to demonstrate that when two or more people, objects, or images merge there is something entirely new which comes out of that. That is the message I want to take to the world.”

Square Format - Quantum Potentials System
Sean has completed over 100 images in the Quantum Potentials series. Each painting is a lesson, and an exploration into the meaning behind real life events and emotions. This approach developed organically as Sean used painting as an outlet for personal struggles, stressors, and unfolding mysteries within his life. “Painting is how I deal with things for which I have no reference. If I am confused, painting is a way for me to have a conversation with the fears and doubts surrounding me.”

For Sean, painting is not only an outlet, but a metaphor for life itself. “The way I approach a painting is very much like the way I approach life. Sometimes it is haphazard and reckless, reactionary and unconscious. In that case my work becomes sloppy and disjointed. I may make forward progress only to see it all undone in the next moment. Yet, when I can be still, find my internal alignment and paint from the center of my chest, really in my heart, I know I am approaching my work, and my life, with integrity and purpose.”
Sean approaches his work, not with a mental objective, but with a constant focus on body awareness and heart-centered presence. “Often times I am not sure what I am trying to achieve, I can just feel that something needs to happen. If I feel a need to bring more grounding into the work I will choose colors which give me that experience, and so on. The way it all unfolds is as much a discovery to me as it is anything else.”

By taking time to process the information and experience the work as he goes, Sean has created a roadmap of reference points which define his evolution as an artist, healer, and father. “My lessons are grounded into my paintings. I have taken a lot of time to write about my findings as a way of claiming the growth opportunities they represent. It is a bit like being a collector, I gather experience by painting it, and then carry that information forward into my life.”
The result of this approach to painting is a system known as Quantum Potentials. It is a 90 image card deck and 267 page manual describing the processes around his work, and written in a way that motivates others to find context within their experiences. “I found it helpful to identify at least four factors within the process of each painting. The first is the process itself. The second is the way that I block or resist that process. The third is the way that I begin to engage the process, and the fourth is the evolution of my awareness which comes through the process at its resolution.”

As an acupuncturist, and intuitive healer Sean has used his system to help open up dialogues with clients, and bring healing into the mental and emotional realms of the body and mind. “Healing others is a complex web of education, empowerment, and support. By expanding the context of our conversation to include thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, I feel I am better able to address my clients’ core issues, and help them discover a deeper connection to themselves.”

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Six Alchemy

In reference to Alchemy Tai Chi Qigong I wrote the following....

"The evolution of the practice has led me to the following observations: When we learn how to find ourselves within an unconscious dynamic, we have found Awareness.  When we learn a new form of expression, we have activated Will.  When we learn how to stop time and witness the moment, we have discovered Heart.  When we learn to turn our attention from the fear of circumstances to faith in a larger vision, we have found the spirit.  When we learn how to reflect the wisdom of nature within our consistent actions, we have achieved Embodiment.  When we are able to live as an integrated human body-mind-soul, we have attained Unity. Through the practice of Alchemy Movement we are able to spend time in each of the above frequencies and thus entrain our lives to our purpose more wholly.  Through alignment with our own life force vessel, we can step into a truer expression of our predilection and power to heal our world."

Heart of Awakening 2013


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A look at life from the TCM perspective

Within the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine our mind and body are inseparable. So, while we may view the physical, emotional, and spiritual realities of our life as separate affairs, they are in fact quite literally mere reflections of one another.

An example of this interdependence can be observed through the meridian system of the spleen/pancreas and stomach. Physically speaking, these organs are responsible for breakdown, digestion, and assimilation of nutrients from food.

On a mental and emotional level, they represent the same process, but instead of food we are assimilating our thoughts, feelings and experiences. In both cases, the job of this system is to separate what is useful from what is not. In both cases, we integrate what we need into our body-mind, and eliminate the residue.

When we are unable to digest food completely we end up with indigestion, and fatigue. When we cannot integrate our thoughts and feelings we end up with indigestion of a different sort: irritability, frustration, and reactivity. These lingering energies also make us feel heavy and tired, burdened as we are by life.

In order to maintain harmony on all levels it is therefore important to allow time for this integration to happen both on the physical level, as well as the mental and emotional one. Many of us would not swim right after a meal, yet think nothing of going from one situation to the next without taking time to breathe, feel, and collect our thoughts. This is one important aspect of personal hygiene we are rarely taught in school.

Take time for yourself. Make space each day to feel and breathe into the life and world inside you. If you suffer from digestive issues especially, make this time for yourself a priority. There is nothing for you to lose, and you may just be surprised at how much lighter you feel.