Sunday, September 16, 2012

Five Aspects Qi Gong Intensive Preview

Five Aspects Qi Gong Intensive: Objectives and Curriculum

September 24-26 I will be presenting an intro-intensive to Five Aspects Qi Gong in Seattle, Washington at Samadhi Yoga.  The objectives for this course are as follows:

·         To provide a rationale for the practice of Qi Gong.

·         To provide detailed instruction on cultivation practices for the five elemental energies.

·         To provide useful information on five elements applications.

·         To introduce and apply practices for the Five Aspects’ personal transformation energy work.

·         To activate and awaken the elemental energies of the body.

The curriculum for this three day course is as follows:

·         Temple Meditation

·         Finding and feeling energy

·         Five Elements Form

·         Five Aspects Theory and Application

Now, the point of all this is WHAT?  You may ask yourself Why? and Who Cares?  I will now attempt to answer those questions…

Q:  First of all, what is the difference between five elements and Five Aspects?

A:  Five elements represent fundamental energies within the human body, human mind, and all of nature.  They are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.  The elements combine and interact in ways that create a tapestry of flow which we all call life.

Five Aspects are a function of the relationships we have with our world, both inside and out.  The Five Aspects are Awareness, Will, Heart, Spirit, and Embodiment.  The Five Aspects are closely linked with the five elements, but they are a personalized and intimate expression of these energies as they manifest within a person’s life.

Q:  How do the five elements relate to me?

A:  The following is a basic description of each of the five elements and its relevance to our lives.

Water:  The energy of intuition and emotion.  In the practice of water, we learn to let go of control.  With the release of control we find freedom within our emotions.  Often times, when we become trapped in judgment, the fluid nature of the feeling body becomes rigid and ice-like.  This can manifest as fearful or avoidant behavior as well as stiffness or hardness within the body.  Practicing the art of water makes us more supple within our body, mind, and emotions.

Wood:  The energy of growth and aspiration.  The tree holds its roots deep within the Earth while its boughs reach toward the heavens.  If the tree forgets to acknowledge the sun, it withers.  If it is stoic and refuses the water it becomes brittle.  Therefore, a tree must be rooted within the experience of here and now, yet also aspire to lift itself upward toward the higher frequencies of light.  The tree embodies all of the various strata of Earthly life, providing us with a ladder through which we can find both integration and ascension.

Fire:  The energy of opening, forgiveness, and compassion.  Fire is the energy of light itself.  It is warmth, which allows us to be open, and it is combustion, which is the energy of transmutation.  Fire opens and penetrates into the frigid and darkened areas of our psyches so that we may know and experience ourselves more completely.  Fire breaks down the barriers of separation and returns us to a state of unity, wherein the oneness of life can be realized.

Earth:  The energy of integration and empowerment.  Earth teaches us to be present with the happenings within our life so that we may extract the wisdom from our experiences.  It is about digestion; the ability to take what we need and let go of the rest.  The letting go helps us to find our base, and to relieve ourselves of the unnecessary burdens of attachment.  Integration allows us to realize the strength that comes from experience, and to build from a place of authenticity and presence.

Metal:  The energy of confidence and self-expression.  Metal provides the scaffolding upon which we position ourselves to address the world.  It is the steel of our commitments and the conduit through which our energy flows out into the world.  Metal teaches us how to find discipline for the accomplishment of tasks, and structure through which we may embark into new territories of our heart’s unfolding landscape.

Q:  What are the Five Aspects’ functions and how are they relevant?

A:  The Five Aspects are an intuitive and purely personal expression of the five elements.  They are a method for finding centering within the chaotic happenings of everyday life, and a set of techniques for integrating effectively into the passing moments of our lives.  I will provide a brief description of each aspect below.

Awareness:  Awareness is the ability to step out of subjectivity and find grace within periods of emotional constraint.  When the waters of emotion become congested, and the chill of fear begins to set in, awareness is the ability to stop and let go.  With awareness we can create a pristine moment wherein all of the noise of our minds recedes into the background and true sight/insight becomes attainable.

Will:  Will teaches us to trust the light we find within ourselves.  It is the practice of becoming a mirror for this light and magnifying it out into the world.  Will teaches us to how to honor the gifts alive within us, and gives us a tangible experience of making authentic connections with others.

Heart:  Heart is the center of the soul.  It is the place of primary intelligence within us where we have access to all other dimensions of existence.  The practice of heart is to establish a link between all of the subjective elements of personality in order to forge a nucleus of presence.  This nucleus becomes a blazing sun within our center which keeps us connected to the fundamental essence of our being.

Spirit:  Spirit is the art of ascension.  It is the activation of mind and body in order to attain higher frequencies of awareness and intuition.  Spirit is also attunement with the essence of creation, the creative source, and the energy of grace.  Spirit is a vehicle for attaining elevated states of being, while remaining true to our intrinsic nature.  Spirit allows us to live into the highest potentials of our grandest dreams.

Embodiment:  Embodiment is the art of bringing healing and restoration to our physical self.  It is about attuning the cells of our bodies to the frequency of light while eliminating dense and toxic elements.  Embodiment brings restoration to the tissues while enhancing circulation, and relieving stress.  It is the way we realize and manifest our work into physical reality.

Q:  So why should I care about any of that?

A:  We are beings with both physical and energetic dimensions.  If we live purely in the physical, life can become overly materialistic and banal.  If we live exclusively in spirit, in ether, we lose reference for our humanity and create an ever widening gap between ideology and experience.  To be truly integrated is to find true fulfillment.  We are spiritual creatures with a body and a mind.  When this trinity is in balance we are unstoppable, and with cooperation, there is nothing we cannot achieve as a species.  Our world is changing, and the need for the balanced integration of masculine-feminine, spirit-body, mind-emotion, and give-receive cannot be overstated.  Five Aspects Qi Gong is one avenue for creating and maintaining this balance between the dualities of Earthly life.  It is a tangible and reproducible practice which will work for anyone dedicated to self-improvement and personal growth.

Q:  How does this practice relate to Yoga?

A:  Yoga is a complete system within itself and therefore can be regarded as whole, and without need for augmentation.  That being said, yoga often refers to Asana or the practice of postures and alignment, within a more general sense.  To this description I would offer the following analogy.  If yoga is the water, qigong is the mist.  Applying this type of imagery and awareness to a standard yoga practice is akin to adding a new aspect to the experience of asana.  It is something which will live and grow within you and add new depths and dimensions to your life.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A letter

Hello My dear Blog,

Please forgive me for being away for so long.  I have been distracted and thus disabled, my voice was lost.  Sometimes, blog, the words just will not flow.  There is an effort, of course, but sometimes life is ineffable.  Speechless, I find myself at times....

My mind becomes a sea of ambiguity, as in the waters I swim.  Questions dawn upon each new horzon yet quickly seem irrelevant as the waters of life continue to flow through me.

What is happening?  I ask.  LIFE! Comes the answer.  So I say, Please forgive me Dear Blog, Life simply got in the way.

I will speak with you soon Blog, I promise.

I have something to share with you...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quantum Potentials Workshop

On Saturday Feb 18 I am presenting a workshop on empowerment and transformation.  These words mean different things to different people but allow me to explain what they mean to me.  Empowerment is the state of being we achieve when we are in unity within ourselves. Transformation is the name of the process by which we establish this unity.  For the past eight years I have been engaged in a quest to map and describe the terrain of the collective unconscious as it pertains to an individual’s personal energy field.  I created an intuitive deck I named Quantum Potentials, and then proceeded to create physical expressions for the concepts outlined in my deck.  The physical processes came directly from my experience with martial arts and qi gong energy work.  My intention was to find a way to locate patterns of inconsistency within the nonphysical aspects of mind, emotion, and spirituality.  My goal has been to engineer a process by which all aspects of the human organism can be brought into conscious alignment with the ideals, thoughts, and feelings of the individual.  It is a process whereby a person can become conscious of energetic “free radicals” and may work to achieve internal unity.  This process uses Law of Attraction principals while simultaneously tracking down the negating influence of subconscious personal history.  It is my belief that these subconscious negations are at the root of interpersonal conflict and that by taking ownership of these patterns we further humanity’s quest for peace.  As is stated in the bible “where two or more are joined……..” transformation happens in a blessed manor, far deeper than can be achieved by a single person.  Please join me on Saturday from 12pm to 4pm for a collective journey back into unity. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Power of Compassion

The Power of compassion………….

At a glance the word compassion elicits for me an image of how I am ‘supposed to’ behave.  "Shut up and be compassionate, you asshole!" 
It seems to resemble a somewhat dry state of being where all sense of conflict simply rolls off my back like water from a duck.....  And big birds keep crapping on me.
The word compassion makes me think of Buddhist sages, sitting on the sides of mountains and contemplating leaves.
It is far removed from the busy interplay of forces acting on my emotional heartstrings.  For whatever reason, compassion has always seemed like a concept that was reserved for rulebooks but somewhat unattainable in real life.  After all, my world is far too compelling, and if I don’t look out for ‘number one’ who will?

As I was working the other day I had a very different view of compassion and its implications on my life.  At the time my fingers were resting on the tender wounds of a person in pain.  The pain was not from a cut or a bruise, but rather a sensitivity within her tissues that made living and moving  a chore.  As I sat there, touching her gently, I went inward to a place of stillness.  I saw her there, the way a person looks when you stop to see them, in relationship with her personal experience.  I became aware of the anguish she felt over the death of her loved ones.  I felt fear creeping in as she experienced separation from security she once had.  I connected with her uncertainty about the future.  I felt so many things that I myself have known, and her emotions welled up around me.  As this occurred I also found my heart.  I brought my certainty to her uncertainty.  I breathed space into myself, into the thick cloud of feeling surrounding us, and into the moment between us.  I felt myself become whole as I allowed her to be perfect within her process and within her life.  As I exhaled I felt her register my softening, her tissues softened.  As she also breathed and was allowed to simply ‘be’, her pain diminished.  At that moment I had a very different experience of compassion.  It was nothing more or less than a state of allowance, with a dash of faith and a swirl of hope mixed in.

How nice would it be if each of us would hold that space for others?  No words, no fear, no panic, simply the reassuring touch of one who helps us to see through the mist of our own confusion.  Perhaps the answers we need are always close at hand, and all we really require is an ambassador to show us through the darkness of our own disconnection.  Have faith, be kind, and know that there is power in the simple art of presence.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So here is the story........

We are a traveling family consisting of myself, my wife Jen, our daughter Thea, our greyhound Ivy, our pitbul Morgan, our cat Mauii, and our three chickens: Big Yellow, and the other two.  We make food, or perform treatments, based on what people need and want to achieve.  THE REAL REASON I do this is because it helps me to make good decisions in my own life, and I enjoy it immmensely.  When food is used as a medicine it can make a huge imapct on our health.

Here is a story from just yesterday.  I woke up in the morning and began to sneeze.  I went into an allergic response to something in my environment.  Over the course of several hours my nose began running profusely, I was sneezing every ten minutes in fits, and my face itched.

After a few hours I came to my senses and decided to clear the hot wind from my body. 

I blended....

1/2 lemon with the pith still on,
1/4 lime the same way
a handful of parsley
a thick slice of ginger
1/2 black plum (sl unripe)
1/2 apple

The sweet flavor of the apple moistens and soothes the tissues.  The sour flavor of citrus astringes and subdues the outwardness of the sneezing while the bitter flavor of the pith cools and detoxifies heat-aka hypersensitivity. The parsley cools and detoxifies the blood and liver.  The ginger dissipates obtructions in the lungs.  After drinking the micronised smoothie I felt better and my allergy symptoms vanished.

Thank you Jeff Primack and food based healing.

BTW: this image is of a smoothie containing beet.  Great for the Liver and blood.  Good for any disease.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Directions

Sooo... hello I am writing to you, who is reading, or, perhaps it is whom, or maybe whome or perhaps wombat.......  But it could be a gorilla for that matter... Very good then.

WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF QI GONG? (how do you pronounce that? chee gong):

Breath, spirit, nature, body.  Bring the mind body spirit nature into balace and breathe unity.  Essoteric mishmash only goes so far however so this is an example of what qi gong does for me.....

I am back recently to Connecticut, after an adventuous trip to Seattle. Upon my return I dove directlty into a rush of activity and nearly lost my mind.  I am quite aware of my need for processing time, however I don't always find a way to meet my own needs.  In fact, I am not infrequently overwhelmed by the immensity of my feelings.  The story they tell is sometimes desperate and filled with fear.  My mind travels to the worry and the doubt.  I am either paralyzed or numb to my own state of panic and find myself lost in the drama of a need for some expression.  At moments like this I feel as though time is bearing down on my soul and I can't breathe.   I feel crushed by the weight of my own anxiety.

If I can think I will take a breath, hold it a moment, and shine the light of mind back into my body.  I will exhale slowly as I feel the warmth of imagined sunlight shining on my every cell.  When I can see the light inside of me, time stands still once again.  The metaphor is real.  The action and the ability represent a magical endowment of the great Oneness. 

The breath is a magical gift.  The mind is a beautiful tool.  When they dance together, the world finds its heart once again.

Breathe, Love 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

intro (and second post ever!)

Hi, I am Sean, and this is my first blog. Thank you to my sister, Clare, for pushing me towards starting this journey.

My wife, Jen, and I work in the wellness field. I am an acupuncturist and Qi Gong instructor, and she is a massage therapist and watsu practitioner. We are both passionate about food-- I like to eat it and she likes to make sure it's healthy. :)

360 Degree Wellness is about looking at health from every possible angle; what we think, what we do, how we use our bodies, how we breathe, and what we eat. When one spoke within this wheel is compromised, our life falls out of balance.

Jen and I have recently blended our passion for food and wellness into a personalized catering venture, (website coming soon.) Beyond simple therapy in a clinical setting, we wish to empower people through healthy and delicious food choices with simple preparation techniques, personalized Qi Gong instruction for a balanced heart, mind, and body, and options for physical therapy. Wellness is a full participation endeavor.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with us.