Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Directions

Sooo... hello I am writing to you, who is reading, or, perhaps it is whom, or maybe whome or perhaps wombat.......  But it could be a gorilla for that matter... Very good then.

WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF QI GONG? (how do you pronounce that? chee gong):

Breath, spirit, nature, body.  Bring the mind body spirit nature into balace and breathe unity.  Essoteric mishmash only goes so far however so this is an example of what qi gong does for me.....

I am back recently to Connecticut, after an adventuous trip to Seattle. Upon my return I dove directlty into a rush of activity and nearly lost my mind.  I am quite aware of my need for processing time, however I don't always find a way to meet my own needs.  In fact, I am not infrequently overwhelmed by the immensity of my feelings.  The story they tell is sometimes desperate and filled with fear.  My mind travels to the worry and the doubt.  I am either paralyzed or numb to my own state of panic and find myself lost in the drama of a need for some expression.  At moments like this I feel as though time is bearing down on my soul and I can't breathe.   I feel crushed by the weight of my own anxiety.

If I can think I will take a breath, hold it a moment, and shine the light of mind back into my body.  I will exhale slowly as I feel the warmth of imagined sunlight shining on my every cell.  When I can see the light inside of me, time stands still once again.  The metaphor is real.  The action and the ability represent a magical endowment of the great Oneness. 

The breath is a magical gift.  The mind is a beautiful tool.  When they dance together, the world finds its heart once again.

Breathe, Love 

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