Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quantum Potentials Workshop

On Saturday Feb 18 I am presenting a workshop on empowerment and transformation.  These words mean different things to different people but allow me to explain what they mean to me.  Empowerment is the state of being we achieve when we are in unity within ourselves. Transformation is the name of the process by which we establish this unity.  For the past eight years I have been engaged in a quest to map and describe the terrain of the collective unconscious as it pertains to an individual’s personal energy field.  I created an intuitive deck I named Quantum Potentials, and then proceeded to create physical expressions for the concepts outlined in my deck.  The physical processes came directly from my experience with martial arts and qi gong energy work.  My intention was to find a way to locate patterns of inconsistency within the nonphysical aspects of mind, emotion, and spirituality.  My goal has been to engineer a process by which all aspects of the human organism can be brought into conscious alignment with the ideals, thoughts, and feelings of the individual.  It is a process whereby a person can become conscious of energetic “free radicals” and may work to achieve internal unity.  This process uses Law of Attraction principals while simultaneously tracking down the negating influence of subconscious personal history.  It is my belief that these subconscious negations are at the root of interpersonal conflict and that by taking ownership of these patterns we further humanity’s quest for peace.  As is stated in the bible “where two or more are joined……..” transformation happens in a blessed manor, far deeper than can be achieved by a single person.  Please join me on Saturday from 12pm to 4pm for a collective journey back into unity.